Keynote:  Azure Antoinette

Workshop featuring Azure Antoinette:  Tell(h)er: The Courage to Be Yourself- A Journey in Personal Narrative

Workshop featuring Torie Henderson: Creating Confidence

There is a certain energy of success that helps us get what we want out of life. Some people seem to come by this naturally, getting relationships, recognition and respect without even trying. Calm-Confident energy works like magic. It’s something we all have, but sometimes have trouble accessing it. Through games and activities, this workshop will help you discover what blocks you from finding your confidence and how to create it whenever you want so you can have the amazing life you are meant to have. True confidence comes from accepting and appreciating ourselves for who we are.

Mini Workshop featuring Jeannine Glista & Janice Dunn: What’s Your Money Personality

How do you act with money? Are you a “Money Star,” “Oblivious” or “Penny Wise Pound Foolish”? (ie do you spend everything, have no clue, or do you go to extremes to get the best deal?).  There are a range of emotional reactions and connections people have with money. Learning what makes you tick can help avoid costly mistakes that stop you from reaching your financial goals.

Align your money personality with your financial future so small amounts now can equal big money later.

What personality are you?

 Workshop featuring Pamela Leach:  You Are Beautiful

Every girl should be able to reach her full potential, but anxiety over appearance keeps girls from being their best selves, affecting their health, friendships, and even performance at school.  A major culprit is the media, which has a preoccupation with appearance, body shape and size.

Session Summary
This workshop peeks inside the beauty industry, hears from girls and women what they think about their appearance, then suggests a way that we can all redefine beauty.  We’ll utilize social media to show and discuss how struggles with self esteem and body image are common among tween/teenagers.  There will also be practical exercises and tools provided to help increase positive self esteem and body image.  

Keynote- Monique Coleman

Just Between Us- Mother & Daughter Journaling with Stacy Prater-Vigil and Marlene Mahurin

As our daughters grow up, often times our relationships become strained. This can be painful for both moms and daughters.

In this session, moms will learn why communication is often challenging at this stage and some strategies for staying close.  Meanwhile, the girls will talk about growing up, gaining independence and be introduced to a terrific communication tool they can with their moms.

Includes the Just Between Us: Mother & Daughter Journal

*All workshops are interactive and are intended for both moms and daughters.

Banishing Beautiful with Nancy Gruver of New Moon Girls


DIY Herbal Lip Tints with Rachel Berry: 4pm & 5pm
-learn why its so important to think carefully about what you put on your skin, especially the lips
-learn how to make a infused herbal oil with dried herbs or fresh herbs from the garden
-learn how to make a tinted, shimmery lip balm with pure ingredients
Dance with Devyn Cottrell:  7pm